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Fantastic research that provide a solid foundation for anyone interested in ODL/OER.

The report examines the current standards and guidelines for open, distance, flexible, and online education, including e-learning around the globe and encompasses the fundamental notion that students are active participants in an engaging learning experience. Based on the research, the report makes 11 recommendations to stakeholders concerning the enhancement and advancement of open education.

Evonne Heyning

This is a deep and comprehensive look at global open learning models with key recommendations and research angles to consider, from culture and inquiry to the nature of pedagogy differences with regional and international organizations.

Herman Coutinho

Wonderful report, it addresses multiple dimensions of quality improvement in open education. Recommendation of mainstreaming e-learning quality with the traditional institutional quality assurance will be one of the key factors that will gravitate major stake holders, the industry and students to influence the development of quality in open higher education.

Hesbone Ajanga Atsiaya

Very fantastic report

Chrispinus Sifuna

Great piece of information
e-learning is the way to go.

chrispinus Kulenya

I like this of information

J. O. Odumbe

What is the future of books in online learning?
Are physical libraries relevant in the 21st Century?

masinde maurice

if we appreciate the fact that not all sizes fit one,then the design of quality models will be as unique as the institutions offering them or even cascade down to individual learners

Purity Karani

Great article. open and flexible higher education for the future we want


Perfect description you have provided thanks for sharing

Purity Karani

online and open learning ensures provision of knowledge resources for guidance and capacity building among experts and stakeholders.

purity mbogo

thanks for the article....distance education, when properly planned, designed, and supported by the appropriate mix of technology and pedagogy, is equivalent to, or in certain scenarios more effective than, traditional face-to-face classroom instruction. i have read this book and it clearly indicates the e learning is more effective.


this is the future of education. thanks for the article

Moses Odumbe

The information is very enlightening and informative.

chrispinus Kulenya

There is need for knowledge building, knowledge sharing, capacity building and coordination among stakeholders.

austine wafula

effective article ,full of good information on online and open education


As education models are converted into the digital platform, it is vital for the content to be of quality. Digital learning requires proper planning, designing, and support so as to be sustainable

mary mumo

have learned a lot from this article, its extremely effective

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